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Mobify is looking for a “Sound Designer” to join our Games Department.


  • Analyze game mechanics and determine an appropriate audio treatment.
  • Work closely with game designers, level designers and programmers to ensure that the audio design supports the design intention.
  • Use your knowledge of audio tools and game editors in order to integrate audio content, fix bugs and create new functionalities.
  • Apply audio concepts (sound manipulation tools, music theory etc.) as part of your working audio designs.
  • Understands the basic processes and typical game production life cycles
  • Audio documentation.
  • Knows the importance of documentation and planning for game productions and create additional documentation if needed.
  • Music and Audio Design.
  • Solid skills in various DAWs (Reaper - is preferred, Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton…) and Audio Editing Tools (Sound Forge, Wavelab…)
  • Has basic knowledge of music theory and concepts (rhythm, harmony, etc)
  • Is able to create and implement audio content – SFX, Foley, UI/Menu, Music etc.
  • Is comfortable working with audio pipeline packages.
  • Understands the functions of an audio engine.
  • Has knowledge about field recording (ambiance sounds).


- 2+ years of experience in gaming industry.


- Bachelors in Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, or related fields.

About Us:

Mobify believe in the miracles of "can do attitude" and "team work" So we provides you a platform where you can work by teaming dreamingly & on enhancing your skills without any intrinsic or extrinsic barriers.

We mobifies the entertainment industry in form of games along with provision of apps that boosts up the productivity and accelerates the work. At mobify, we are strongly grounded on the basis of moving ahead continuously and contributing everyday a little more than yesterday.

What you will learn:

· Build challenging and rewarding experiences.

· Work and learn with experienced professionals.

· Grow your network of like-minded professionals.

· Nab yourself a job in a professional environment.

What we OFFER:

· Free Lunch.

· Free Transport.

· Bonuses.

· Provident Fund.

· Winter Vacations.

To learn more about us please visit: https://mobify.tech/

Job Type: Full-time

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Deadline: 20-12-2023

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