Salary: Rs 27,500 - Rs 37,000 a month

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We need female candidates for the post of school principal in Kohrian Village near to Burki, Lahore.

The minimum required qualification is a BA or MA with a B.Ed.

Experience: a minimum of two years of teaching and one year’s school administration.

Age: 25 and above.

The following key result areas will become part of your job description:

1. Promoting high standards of evidence based learning and teaching, by monitoring school progress across key performance indicators, remaining focused on improvement of the school and of every single student leaving no child behind.

2.Responsible for recruiting, developing, empowering, supporting, encouraging and retaining the best teachers in the school.

3.Responsible for developing a culture of mutual and continuous learning, respect, collaboration, and coordination; in which every member of the school community-be they teachers, students, staff members or parents-is valued, every child is motivated to learn, grow and prosper and every teacher is motivated to improve her knowledge and skills.

Academic Responsibilities

1. Recruit quality teachers by ensuring implementation of Teacher Selection process.

2. Develop school improvement plan based on need analysis and ensure its implementation within the school

3. Monitor class room quality through lesson planners and formal/ informal classroom observations.

4. Work on teacher quality through demo sessions and constant feedback

5. Monitor student performance by re-checking of student copies and test papers as per policy.

6. Organize, manage and monitor co-curricular activities, timetable, assembly, periods, displays, library and laboratories, use of Academic resources, performance of weak students.

7. Attend training sessions & conduct on-the-job training for faculty within the school.

8. Conduct term tests and examinations in a transparent and timely manner.

9. Build team spirit and motivate teachers; Focus on teacher retention.

Administrative Responsibilities

1. Develop strong relationship with the community and create awareness regarding education for both male and female children and encourage them to join TCF schools.

2. Ensure required students’ strength is maintained within the school through effective implementation of enrolment strategies.

3. Carry out effective outreach of teachers and actively maintain the CV bank at any given point in time.

4. Coordinate with Area and Regional HR team for staff hiring, retaining, performance management & other HR related matters.

5. Maintain school discipline and encourage positive character building of students & staff.

6. Manage staff leaves and attendance ensuring minimal empty classroom days.

7. Supervise the admin assistant in accounts & other matters.

8. Maintain school accounts and ensure they are accurately managed, documented and up to date.

9. Ensure maintenance of building and premises.

10. Supply and manage utility services in a timely manner.

11. Coordinate with the supervisor for board related matters.

12. Understand TCF policies and ensure implementation of school activities as per policy.

13. Timely submission of reports and other documents.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Rs27,500.00 - Rs37,000.00 per month

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Deadline: 19-12-2023

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