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Update day: 09-11-2023

Location: Rawalpindi Punjab

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Job type: Full-time

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As a data scrapping expert, your job description is mainly about generating new leads from outbound telemarketing or inbound telemarketing and pre-qualifying them for sales.


  • Being able to see a potential issue and identify change areas is important.
  • Diving into data to find results, learning more about a particular target market, or thinking of innovative ways to attract new customers is crucial to this job position.
  • As a lead generation expert, you’ll need to know how to operate within this system, including how to use the major CRM platforms.
  • Conducts research for the target market and strategies for lead generation
  • Continuously search for the right people and businesses and set up the connections through outbound marketing.
  • Responsible for reaching out to prospects through different types of communication.
  • Works with leads generated by the business’s other activities such as marketing campaigns, social media, advertising, customer referrals and help generate new ones.
  • Responsible for qualifying leads.
  • Create a marketing list of leads for the sales team.
  • Create an organized and accurate list of information from prospects


  • Basic Knowledge of Google and Facebook ads.
  • Knowledge of lead generation using google and social media platforms.
  • Knowledge of Data Scraping using code or tools.
  • You should also be skilled at problem-solving.
  • You also need to have a talent for researching different lead candidates to help you with your lead generation calls
  • Excellent communication skills. For maintaining a conversation and building rapport with a customer.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Analytical skills. Lead Generation has different methods and different outcomes and so analytical skills are necessary for problem-solving and gathering of information.
  • Sales or marketing skills. A lead generation expert will need to learn everything about the business and be able to successfully market it like it’s their own.
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Deadline: 24-12-2023

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