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Update day: 30-10-2023

Location: Rawalpindi Punjab

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Job type: Full-time

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Job Description

  • Continually assess the call monitor on Parim, chase and update all officers who have failed to book on/make check calls and escalate problems accordingly. All incidents are to be logged onto Parim via the incident wizard or a diary event.
  • Check and deal with all unallocated and unconfirmed duties as required, priority is to be given to all those in the next 24 hour period. These can be done via text, email or verbally if required.
  • Ensure all duties,(contract and Ad/Hoc), are covered by the most suitable officer available.
  • Input onto Timegate, cover and respond to all Ad/Hoc requests for security, including adding any new sites that are not already on Timegate.
  • Carry out required Check Call process and escalate any issues
  • Arbitrate all duties that need doing so.
  • Log all accidents/incidents/customer complaints as required and escalate as per process to the relevant people
  • Ensure all known details are correct and up to date on Timegate for all clients and employees inc adding new subcontractor’s officers as required.
  • Update officers holidays, sickness and absences on Timegate, this prevents them being rostered on days off.
  • Accept and pass on as required calls from officers, clients and anybody else who may call
  • Reply to all correspondence- phone, text or emails.
  • Ensure you conduct an Informative and accurate ’emailed’ hand over via the Daily Debrief between shifts
  • Ensure you answer all telephone calls with

" Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, MSS control room, (say your name) speaking, how can I help you?"

  • Deployment of all security officers in line with customer requirements
  • Ensure the management and action of the Telecontact system
  • Supervising System arbitration and Ad Hoc provision
  • Responsible for assisting remotely working security personnel across the UK.
  • Ensuring that individuals are checking in and out as required
  • Assisting managers in the deployment of personnel in line with contractual requirements
  • Monitor the system to prevent possible issues of unavailability
  • Rostering and scheduling of all personnel
  • Reporting of Dropped Hours
  • Providing employee advice and welfare calls as required
  • Telecontact Management & inaccuracy reduction
  • Telecontact Arbitration and escalation
  • Programming of Ad-Hoc work, sickness reporting and skills database
  • Maintaining Operational systems information
  • Keeping the scheduling database up to date including all Joiners, Induction Training, Rosters, Leavers, Absence, etc.
  • Providing incident management support as directed by the team leader
  • Dealing with wage queries
  • End of week / month collation and checks
  • Submitting evidence of work to the team leader for development reviews
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Deadline: 14-12-2023

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